Custom-made kitchen furniture


We always use high-quality materials and hardware. Our team consists of skilled craftsmen who work with passion !


Furniture made by Woodhammer is thought through to the smallest detail, to make your life easier and more comfortable!


As we only use high-quality materials, our furniture will last for decades when used and maintained properly!

Made just for you!

Every Woodhammer kitchen is like a tailored suit, made specifically after your wishes, thoughts, needs, and expectations.

Sample kitchen

The total price point depends on a number of variables such as materials, kitchen size, complexity of work and components. Therefore, each kitchen requires a separate calculation and price offer. We do offer three sample kitchens for which we have already calculated the total price to make it a little more easier for you.

Sample kitchen 1

Materials for sample kitchen:

Sample kitchen 2

Materials for sample kitchen:

Sample kitchen 3

Materials for sample kitchen:


To make the measuring and ordering easier, we have put together a small guide. In addition, you can also find a maintenance guide for download below. If you do not want to download the entire guide, the most important things that require measurement are also shown in the picture next to it.

The quality of our work


The furniture made by Woodhammer is well thought out down to the smallest detail to make your life easier and more comfortable!


We always use high-quality materials and fittings, and our team consists ofm craftsmen who do their work with love!

Customer focused

We don't produce anonymous furniture to sit in a warehouse. Each of our crafted furniture pieces is created specifically for a particular customer!


When we make a promise, we keep it! Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we want our clients to feel confident in recommending us to their friends.

Our kitchen

It doesn’t matter whether you already have a clear idea and want a quote, or you’re still searching for the right concept, idea, or solution, and just need advice. Contact us and we’ll help you find the best solution and make furniture that makes you happy!

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