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Woodhammer OÜ
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Kaare 25, hoone nr 4,
Türi 60704 12480991
KMKR: EE101664031

+372 5884 7070

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Liis Dvorjanski

Designer/sales consultant
+372 5855 0544

Indrek Ammer

+372 5668 8316

Acquisition of machines and equipment necessary for the development of Woodhammer OÜ.

As part of the project, an edge banding machine was acquired and an aspiration system was built for the extraction of sawdust.

The working environment and workspaces become dust-free.

Production volume increases and product quality increases

Improvement of the production line of Woodhammer OÜ.

As part of the project, a screw compressor, a hot press and a computer-controlled drilling/milling center were acquired.

Production capacity and product quality will improve. Investments help maintain jobs in the countryside.

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